Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano


Institute for Economic Research

The IER - Institute for Economic Research carries out analyses, surveys and research work in order to supply the Chamber of Commerce, departments of the Provincial Administration, companies and business associations with information to assess the situation and development of South Tyrol's economy, as well as with practical measures to promote the economy.

Based on IER's data, the Chamber of Commerce carries out an advisory function, takes part in the elaboration of expert’s assessments and submits reports and statements.

IER is the partner for:

  • Companies
  • Business associations
  • Public institutions
  • Economic policy decision makers
  • Schools, students and teachers
  • Media

IER is your partner for the following subjects:

  • Information and data on local, national and international economic problems
  • Analyses of economic problems and developments
  • Statements and suggested actions
  • Lectures on economic topics
  • Documents on South Tyrol's economy

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IER - Institute for Economic Research

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