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Register of Companies

Register of Companies

The supervision of the Register of Companies was devolved to the Chambers of Commerce on 19th February 1996 by court law chambers in accordance with the law No 580 of 1993.
The Register is supervised by a judge appointed by the President of the Provincial Court.

In addition to the information that must be provided in accordance with the Civil Code, in the Register of Companies appears also a list of information about economic and administrative data (licences, activities, operational facilities and so forth).

In Italy, all the Companies have to be registered in the Register of Companies. The Register is computerized and publically accessible. It can be inspected by anyone.

Registration and deposit of certificates in the Register of Companies have various legal implications (establishing a right, available for public inspection, registration office character). If the data are not recorded as required by law, claims cannot be asserted against third parties.

The Register of Companies is made up of two sections:

  • General section:
    public limited companies, cooperatives, limited companies, sole traders, branch offices of companies headquartered abroad, sole proprietorship (except small businessmen) and so forth.
  • Special section:
    small businessmen (in accordance with the article 2083 of the Civil Code), farmers, ordinary partnerships, agricultural businessmen, crafts enterprises.
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Register of Companies

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